Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What is BaeL Project?

The focus of this post is to explain the topics that will be covered on this blog.

First, the meaning of our initials(BaeL), along with the meaning of the project in myprofessional life as Learner and Online Learning Facilitator.

Second, the objectives, scope and targeted population of the first 4 weeks online course.

Third, the story behind the project as well as it's impact on participant's learning and in my personal life.

Forth, how the project continues: BaelMods09 Training.

The following posts will describe the back scene, the design process, the tools reviewed to set the online course, the reasons to chose the selected tools, the results and outcomes of the 4 weeks online course, a description of the stages it has taken, the way in which it took form on its own to become what it is now and the path that leads ahead of us for 2009.